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11 comments on “Introduction

  1. I’ve lived outside the USA since before Obamacare and before that I got health insurance from a union, so I have no idea what anything on your website means to even ask an intelligent question about it (sorry).

    I’m moving back to America in a few months and I’d like to get insurance for myself and my husband but I’m completely overwhelmed by pretty much everything about it.

    I also own my own business and would prefer to arrange it through that.

    I’m a fast learner but I would really appreciate a quick call to get my bearings.

    Maybe early Friday morning?

    Let me know and thank you

  2. Would like some help on the Medicare when the time comes, Sept. 2018

    For now, I have Blue Shield and am paying full price for it. Not satisfied with it. Heard Kaiser is a good plan.

  3. I am looking for insurance under Obama Care for my wife who’s age 57 yrs. and prefer Kaiser Permanent coverage.
    Can she get Kaiser Permanent insurance under Obamacare?

    What is Obamacare’s 3 different (Bronze, Silver, Gold)?

    My family (husband & wife) income is $1500- through $2500-/m. and it can be adjustable.
    what is the min. $amount for qualifying Medical?

    by the way I am under Medicare now.

  4. Me and my husband doesn’t have health insurance since2016 and right now me and him are very low income. I am working part time, him sometimes work 40 hrs, but mostly less 40 hrs. Its hard for us to get health insurance, ‘coz we can’t afford to pay.. We are renting an apartment which we are paying $975./mo.

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