This email and website should NOT be considered as legal, tax, or medical  advice,   It’s only Insurance advise if we have reviewed your SPECIFIC situation and address you with a SPECIFIC answer to that.  Even then, check with your other professional advisers and follow the reference links in the email to your question and our website.

We are not responsible nor do we have ANY control over outside websites.  Many of them were found from a Google.com  search and looked informative, accurate and worthwhile.

We link to Web sites that may be of interest. We believe it is important that all views be available. The inclusion of a site on this page is not an endorsement of any policy or position.

When using a Directory, whether it is online, or in the form of a Telephone Directory or Local Business Directory, it is essential to understand the difference between a Directory and a Referral Service.

A Directory is simply a list of professionals or businesses, and no recommendations or guarantees are made regarding the quality of service you might expect from any of the  professionals or businesses listed. The Telephone Yellow Pages is a common and well known example of a Directory.  Every business is listed for free, and some businesses pay an advertising fee for a larger listing or display ad. Whether the listing is free or paid, no recommendations are expressed or implied, regarding the quality of services provided.

A Referral Service is a screening service, and a recommendation is being made, with at least some endorsement of the professionals or businesses listed in the service. We have NOT screened most of the links in this site.  We simple did research and found the sites informative. Usually, a Referral Service will require a professional or a business to meet some quality criteria before they are accepted into the Referral Service. This might include a specific number of years of experience, passing a special test or training program not required by everyone in the profession or business,  or an absence of consumer complaints about the professional or business. The National Register of Health Service Providers is a good example, or the various Board Certifications available in Medicine, which all require passing an examination, in addition to basic licensing as a healthcare professional.  A Referral Service does not list everyone who requests admission to the service.

 We do not verify the license of anyone listed, and we know nothing of their professional background, other than what they have told us or what we found on their web site. Therefore, we request that you please use the directories as you would a telephone directory, to locate professionals in your community. Once you locate a professional, please investigate their background to insure that they are licensed, and that they do not have a history of complaints or disciplinary problems with their professional licensing board.

To assist you in checking the background of listed professionals, we have provided links and contact information for various licensing boards

We also want to give you the same warnings you find on other sites – like Wells Fargo


 Please note, we are not responsible for ANY of the “crap” or misinformation on Covered CA’s website!

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