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Please note that we have commenting and FAQ’s on virtually every page in our websites.  That’s the main place to ask or see a detailed answer to yours and other website visitors questions.

  1. Where can I get a quote, including subsidies, enhanced silver level and details of coverage?
    1. Is there a chart so I can see what plans and subsidies my income qualifies me for?
    2. Where can I learn more about Subsidies, Tax Credits   MAGI  & the Mandate Penalty?
      1. FAQ’s
    3. Where can I find out more details on the coverage?
    4. Where can I found out what MD’s, hospitals and other providers are on the list – In Network?
      1. Where else  can I find out if my MD’s accept the Insurance?
        1. What about Cedar’s Sinai   *  UCLA
    5. What if my MAGI Income changes?
      1. How does that affect my subsidy and enhanced silver level?
      2. How do I get a new calculation?
  2. What are the four Metal Levels, Platinum, Gold, Silver (Enhanced), Bronze & Catastrophic?
    1. What’s a better value of the metal levels?
      1. How does 80% Medical Loss Ratio come into play?
    2. How do I analyze my Brochures,   Summaries of Benefits – SBC and Evidence of Coverage EOC to figure out exactly what my coverage is?
      1. Namely,  How OOP – Out of Pocket Maximum works for Participating and Non Participating Providers?
      2. Specific page where we analyze this question for a client as part of our service, vs consulting fee.
  3. How do I appoint Steve Shorr Insurance in my online in my Covered CA Account?
  4. What is an HSA – Health Savings Account and how does it save me $$ on premium & taxes?
  5. What if I missed Open Enrollment, are there Special Qualifying Events so I can get coverage now?
    1. Where can I get temporary coverage till next open enrollment or the month that I missed with the 15th of the month rule for 1st of the next month?
  6. What is Preventative Care and is it really No Co Pay?
  7. What is going on with the Blue Cross Hacking?
  8. State of CA Office of Patient Advocate   2015 Report Cards
  9. What questions did people use to ask, but don’t apply anymore?
    1. Do you have a worksheet so I can give you the information you need to complete a Covered CA application for me?
    2. Do you have a form so I can appoint Steve Shorr Insurance as my Covered CA Agent?

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