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25 Things to do in San Pedro


Take a Trolley Tour.  For only 25 cents, passengers are conveyed throughout this charming seaside town on a comfortable, enclosed electric trolley. Step off and visit at any point along the route on which many of the sites and attractions in this brochure are located.


Take a ride on the Red CarFor sixty years, the Los Angeles area was served by a vast network of electric railway lines operated by the Pacific Electric Railway. Affectionately known as “Red Cars”, the Pacific Electric’s trolleys and interurban cars blanketed the Los Angeles area on more than 1000 miles of rail lines. The last remnant of the system was abandoned in 1961. Forty-two years later, a small piece of the system is being resurrected in San Pedro, as the Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car Line.


Stroll Sixth Street and discover its delightful shops, excellent cafés, and restaurants. Enjoy the Caribbean, Japan, Mexico, Greece, the Continent, down-home, and Southern-style cuisine–all in the space of a couple of blocks. Immerse yourself in the hundreds of used books at the charming Vinegar Hill Bookstore, examine the pages of the latest best-sellers, and peruse newspapers from all over the globe at Williams’ Book Store. Browse among the unusual gifts available at Figments, Reminisce, and the Drop-In Gift Shop.


Take a grand tour of the enchanting wares of the Grand Emporium on Seventh Street and enjoy a game of darts right next door at San Pedro’s authentic English pub, The Whale and Ale. Select a handcrafted “whirligig” for an unforgettable gift from the B.J. Mountain Studio.


Enjoy a relaxing lunch at one of many restaurants overlooking the harbor. San Pedro’s restaurants are known for excellent food and friendly service, featuring cuisine from all over the world. Dining in San Pedro is truly an international experience.

See the Ducks at Averill Park 
And speaking of tastes, the annual “International Taste in San Pedro,” held each August, is a gala sampling of award-winning flavors in a magnificent seaside setting.
Stroll through Ports O’Call Village. Visit its scores of specialty shops and enticing eateries.

Learn about the largest working port in the nation while aboard an expertly narrated harbor cruise. You will be enthralled with all there is to see and learn.


Visit the commercial fishing docks
at Fishermen’s Wharf. Much of San Pedro’s tradition and heritage stems from the fishing families who came to her shores from the Mediterranean and Adriatic.


Come aboard the S.S. Lane Victory, a meticulously restored World War II, “Victory” ship. This national historic landmark, operated by the U.S. Merchant Marine Veterans of World War II houses a museum, gift shop, library, and ham radio room on board. Not wheelchair accessible, and no sandals or high heels. Berth 94, San Pedro Harbor; open daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm; guided tours available. Call (310) 519-9545 for information. Donation.


Take a trip back in history at the Muller House Museum–a recently restored turn-of-the-century house, authentically furnished with early treasures. Operated by the San Pedro Bay Historical Society, 1542 S. Beacon Street, San Pedro; open 1:00pm to 4:00pm the first three Sundays of the month. For information,
call (310) 548-3208, (310) 548-1472,
or (310) 831-1788. Admission free.

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium displays live Southern California sea life in 35 salt water aquaria, including sharks, eels, octopus, and crabs. Visitors can experience live denizens in the “tide pool touch tank” and learn about the marine environment from modern interactive exhibits. Daily slide presentations and special events. 3720 Stephen White Drive. 10:00am to 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday; 12:00pm to 5:00pm Tuesday through Friday. (310) 548-7562.
Admission free.
Sail into the Los Angeles Maritime Museum featuring more than 300 ship models, nautical memorabilia, an operating radio station, and other historical maritime exhibits. Berth 84 at the foot of 6th Street, San Pedro; 10:00am to 5:00pm Tuesday through Sunday; tours by appointment. (310) 548-7618. $1.00 donation.

Invade Ft. MacArthur Military Museum, presenting photos, drawings, exhibits and memorabilia of Ft. MacArthur and Los Angeles Harbor defenses from 1920 through World War II. Upper Reservation Ft. MacArthur, 3601 S. Gaffey Street, San Pedro; 12:00pm to 5:00pm Saturdays and Sundays. (310) 548-7705. Donation.


Take a whale watch cruise during the migrating season of the gray whales as they venture south to the waters of Baja to bear their young and return north weeks later. San Pedro is the closest point on the Southern California coast from which to view these beautiful beasts of the sea.

Enjoy music, art, and cappuccino at Sacred Grounds, San Pedro’s avant garde coffeehouse on Sixth Street.
Shop for the best of fresh produce at San Pedro’s Farmer’s Market every Friday 
View the Korean Friendship Bell, the massive and intricately decorated brass bell given to the people of Los Angeles by the people of South Korea. Situated on a hill overlooking the sea gate from which U.S. troops sailed into the Pacific, the bell site affords a magnificent view.
Visit the historic Victorian Point Fermin Lighthouse. Watch for playful dolphin and harbor seals from the cliffs at Point Fermin as they dance among the waves offshore.
Angle for a record catch aboard a sport fishing boat out of 22nd Street Landing. For undersea adventure you can board one of several dive boats here, too.

Walk along the beachfront at Cabrillo Beach. Experience breathtaking views of the open sea dotted with the silhouettes of windsurfers against the backdrop of massive container-laden cargo ships–and beyond–the familiar outline of Catalina Island at its closest point to the Southern California shore.


Begin a sports walk tour at the Sheraton Los Angeles Harbor Hotel. Sidewalk plaques honor national sports figures, many of whom hail from San Pedro. Professional and Olympic athletic honorees are feted here at a public ceremony every October.

Take a fast, comfortable ride by boat or helicopter to romantic Catalina Island from the San Pedro Catalina Terminal. The island paradise is just “26 miles across the sea”–about an hour by express boat, or 15 minutes by air.
Visit the World Cruise Center at World port LA, Berth 93–the busiest passenger port of call in the West–and dream about the romance and glamour aboard one of its many elegant
ocean liners.
We thank the San Pedro Sheraton – Page on Sheraton International Site –  on Calendar Live for helping us get the “jump start” on this page.History of the Los Angeles Port

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