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How to answer a Summons, file a response?  Did you get "served?"

CA Small Claims Court - Self Help Section
CA Self Help "Search" on answering a summons
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How to read the summons
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Cornell Law School - Uniform Commercial Code

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Judges can only read things sent to them through proper channels.  No Ex Parte Communications.  (5/11/2010 Letter from San Pedro Court)


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See the "Caveats" below.  I hope you find what your looking for and that you can come to an amicable resolution of your problem.

We will NOT respond to any questions about law - other than if it applies to our "Day Job"  Medical, Life, Disability & Retirement Plans.  That is why we have Google Ads on the site, so that you can find an appropriate professional to help you.  Attorney Referrals  

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