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There is an old adage that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

Whether that adage applies to James, who has primarily acted as his own attorney at trial and on appeal, we leave to the reader to decide.

He cites no legal authority or argument to support his contention that the trial court erred in its ruling. He seems to be saying, "I didn't like the trial judge's rulings and I told him so and he still won't change them." It is difficult to treat such an assertion seriously.

he originally requested permission to file a 72-page opening brief. We denied his request to exceed the 50-page limit specified by California Rules of Court, rule 15(e), finding no reason for such a lengthy brief. Thereafter, he filed a brief which constitutes a travesty of the 50-page limit it purports to satisfy. The brief contains an unnumbered "Introduction" and 10 unnumbered pages of "exhibits." The exhibits consist largely of the text of footnotes which, if correctly placed within the brief, would have made it too long. Moreover, large chunks of textual material have been placed, single-spaced, in 50 footnotes, contrary to formal stylistic conventions, for the sole purpose of reducing the number of pages in the brief. Such sleight of hand is an insult to this court. fn. 10

It also rendered the brief even more difficult to decipher than it otherwise would be. Footnote numbers, typed in such a way they are easily confused with citations to the record, refer the reader to the bottom of the page, which in turn refers to an "exhibit" or to other pages of the brief itself, where the process is repeated. Record and case citations are often absent, [213 Cal.App.3d 29] inaccurate, irrelevant, or misleading. From the point of view of grammar and syntax as well as logic, James's briefs are almost impenetrable. Contrary to rules of appellate practice, James cites only evidence supporting his contentions on appeal, entirely ignoring facts which support the judgment. Marriage of Green
In re Marriage of Green (1989) 213 Cal.App.3d 14 , 261 Cal.Rptr. 294

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