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Legal Information and Links to excellent sources California

bullet PDF_s/no.ex.parte.communnications.pdf
bullet Open Meeting Act 1363.05 Condo Davis Stirling with highlights
bullet Condo/pdf/executive.session.hearing.rights.details.pdf
bullet Video on Brown Act - HOA Board Member Training
bullet Condo/pdf/brown_act_web.serial.meeting.pdf
bullet Open Forum - Public Comment Brown Act and Davis Sterling Condo's
bullet Condo/pdf/kernel_obers_website.pdf
bullet Executive Session - Condo - Davis Stirling
bullet Condo/pdf/sb_563_bill_20110906_chaptered.pdf
bullet Contract Formation? Executive Session Davis Stirling Condo Law
bullet images/execut1.jpg
bullet Introduction and links on Condo Law in California
bullet Homeowners Associations as Government?
bullet Right of Condo Owners to Record Meetings?
bullet Condo/pdf/la_times_right_to_record.pdf
bullet Inspection Condo Records  1365
bullet Condo/pdf/ab1098.pdf
bullet images/record2.jpg
bullet Records - Cases - What must Condo HOA's provide members?
bullet Financial Training
bullet Elections
bullet Operating Rules Condo 1357.100 Davis Stirling
bullet Meet & Confer 1363.810 Text & Video of Condo Law
bullet Condo Law Links California
bullet Discovery - Hints on requesting records in a Court Case
bullet Termite
bullet Homeowner Exemption $7K
bullet SOX - Sarbanes-Oxley Act - Federal Securities Legislation
bullet FHA Process for Condo Loans & Sales
bullet Condo/pdf/fha rules mortage letter 2009-19 09-19ml.pdf
bullet Records Inspection - Condominium California
bullet PDF_s/trial_brief_names_redacted_web_publichation.pdf
bullet Family Law Introduction - Divorce Links - California
bullet Emancipation of Minors - CA Law
bullet Child Support in California
bullet CHSPE High School Equivalency Exam
bullet Military Service - Does child support end when child joins Military
bullet Family Law - Health Insurance Order - Divorce
bullet Parents Rights for Medical Insurance Information
bullet Pro Per Attorney Fees - Can you make the other party pay?
bullet Legislative Intent of the Davis Sterling HOA Act
bullet Domestic Violence - Restraining Orders - Criminal Prosecution
bullet Insurance Discrimination Victims Domestic Violence
bullet Exchange of Legal Papers if there is a restraining order?
bullet DV Law
bullet Can the Protected Person in a Restraining order get busted for  Violation?
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/contempt(ccp_1209-1222).pdf
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/only1stateprohibitsvictimgettingbustedfortheirownorder.pdf
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/aid.abetting.jury.instructions.pdf
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/Aiding And Abetting_ Defined & Explained.pdf
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/jury.instruction.violation.court.order.pdf
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/People
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/contempt.form.fl410.pdf
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/Enforce a Restraining Order - abuse_selfhelp.pdf
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/sample.forms.osc.conftempt.wpd
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/TAB 7 Tips and Tools to Address Violation of DVROs.pdf
bullet Completing Court Forms
bullet Contempt
bullet Vindictive
bullet Child Custody - California Law & Information Links
bullet Introduction to Best Interests of Children
bullet Child Custody - Excerpts from CA Family Law Code
bullet Problems with Courts and Child Custody
bullet Criminal Law Links - California
bullet Drugs and Criminal Law
bullet Help for Drug Abuse
bullet Involuntary Committment
bullet What is Perjury? California Law
bullet Lie Detector - Admissable?
bullet Witness Impeachment
bullet Factual Innocence - If the Glove doesn't fit, you didn't do the crim
bullet Compentence to Stand Trial - M'Naghten Rules
bullet Criminal.Law/Guide_to_Mental_Illness_and_the_Criminal_Justice_System.pdf
bullet Criminal.Law/pdf/
bullet Crime Prevention
bullet Evidence What can get admitted or not
bullet What is Probation Violation - JUST CALL rather than be FTA!
bullet Family.Law/restraining.order/
bullet AB 109 Early Release Penal Code 3450 et seq
bullet Criminal.Law/AB.109.early.release/LA County Realignment Plan.pdf
bullet Criminal.Law/AB.109.early.release/public_safety_realignment_california_at_a_crossroads.pdf
bullet Criminal.Law/AB.109.early.release/Flash_Incarceration_Arroyo.pdf
bullet Criminal.Law/AB.109.early.release/CA Codes (pen_3450-3465).pdf
bullet Jails and Prisons
bullet Medical Services for Prisoners incarcerated
bullet Educational Opportunities for the Incarcerated
bullet Criminal.Law/
bullet Delayed Entry of Judgement
bullet JAG - Information and Links on the Judge Advocate General's Office & TV show
bullet Classified Clearance
bullet Mexico
bullet California Vehicle Code
bullet 12 Step & Therapist Privelege can what you tell them be used against you?
bullet Criminal.Law/pdf/therapist.privelege.evid_1010-1027.pdf
bullet Agency Law - Introduction & Definition
bullet Copyright Law - Summary Introduction - Fair Use
bullet Small Claims Court
bullet Small.Claims.Court/pdf/small_claims.department.consumer.affairs.pdf
bullet Small.Claims.Court/pdf/SCUG_SmallClaimsUltimateGuide_v1.1-1.pdf
bullet Civil.Law.Torts/allstate.v.rapton.pdf
bullet Debt Collection - How to collect - How to avoid paying
bullet Small Claims Court Information & Links CA
bullet Tenant - Landlord Problems - Legal Links, Official Phamplets, California
bullet Law is an excellant website - click here for links
bullet Law - Family, Criminal, Domestic Violence, Landlord -Tenant  - Non - Insurance
bullet Default Procedures in Superior Court - CA
bullet Maxiums of Law - Plain and obvious for justice
bullet Environmental Law - California Act
bullet Tort Law
bullet Libel, Slander & Defamation - links to more information
bullet Privity of Contract - Only Parties to a contract have any rights or benefits
bullet SLAPP Motions information and links
bullet Appeals - Introduction and links
bullet Attorney Fee Dispute
bullet PDF_s/
bullet Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress - Tort
bullet Telemarketing - Email Laws against spam
bullet Civil.Law.Torts/unsolited.emails.bpc_17529-17529.pdf
bullet Criminal.Law/
bullet Attorney Referrals for California
bullet ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plans
bullet Capital Gains Explanation with links to more details and Official IRS publications
bullet 1031 Exchange - General Information - Links to IRS and other sites to help you
bullet Pending Legislation
bullet SB 573
bullet 501 c 3 Non Profit Tax Exemption
bullet IRC 501 C 6 Information and links
bullet Drinking in Limo in California? Legal or not?
bullet Law School Notes
bullet Torts - Civil Wrongs - Negligence
bullet Talmud
bullet Hymen - where is it? What does it look like? Talmud Research
bullet California Medical Records Privacy HIPAA
bullet Medical Records Privacy HIPAA
bullet Historical Pages - Law Section of
bullet Can't Open File
bullet AOL - Sender's Text
bullet What is a Chargeable Auto Accident?
bullet PDF_s/
bullet Meyer 4 Judge
bullet Open House
bullet Graduation & Going Away Party for Eric Shorr
bullet images/eric_navy.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/eric.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/steve_legasca.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/eric_brandon_carol_guide.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/eric_guide.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/jeanne_mary_ken.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/josh_eric.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/linda_on_trollye.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/sninski.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/steve_eric_legasca_tom.jpg
bullet PDF_s/eric_going_away_party/tony_dave_tennis_homeys.jpg
bullet This is the page
bullet photogallery/photo24909/real_x.htm
bullet images/azar1.jpg
bullet images/azar2.jpg
bullet images/azar_steve.jpg
bullet images/azar_steve2.jpg
bullet images/barbara.jpg
bullet images/barbara10.jpg
bullet images/barbara7.jpg
bullet images/barbara_1.jpg
bullet images/barbara_2.jpg
bullet images/barbara_3.jpg
bullet images/barbara_4.jpg
bullet images/barbara_5.jpg
bullet images/barbara_6.jpg
bullet images/greg5.jpg
bullet images/greg6.jpg
bullet images/greg_1.jpg
bullet images/ogla_5.jpg
bullet images/olga_1.jpg
bullet images/olga_2.jpg
bullet images/olga_3.jpg
bullet images/olga_4.jpg
bullet images/oscar.jpg
bullet images/oscar_1.jpg
bullet images/oscar_2.jpg
bullet images/rob.jpg
bullet images/rob_1.jpg
bullet images/rob_2.jpg
bullet images/rob_olga.jpg
bullet images/sage_1.jpg
bullet images/sage_2.jpg
bullet images/stan.jpg
bullet images/stan3.jpg
bullet images/stan_rob.jpg
bullet images/steve.jpg
bullet images/steve_looking_down.jpg
bullet images/steve_tom.jpg
bullet Site Map
bullet Learn Farsi Suggested Software
bullet Live Chat
bullet Product Manuals
bullet HOA violations refresh
bullet HOA violations refresh

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