Retorts to Free Palestine

Jerusalem is home to 95 churches, most notably the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the heart of the Old City of east Jerusalem. It is considered the holiest Christian site as it is believed to house the tomb of Jesus.


There are over 400 mosques in Israel, of which some 73 are located in Jerusalem.

Islam is a prominent religion in both Gaza and the West Bank. Most of the population in the State of Palestine are Muslims (85% in the West Bank and 99% in the Gaza Strip).


On 12 September 2005 Israel withdrew the last of its military forces from the Gaza Strip, in a unilateral move that was intended to bring to an end its responsibilities as occupying power in the territory. The preceding weeks were characterized by vigorous activity to remove all signs of Israeli control and presence. Most important was the removal of all Israeli settlers from the area. Immovable structures in the Israeli settlements were, for the most part, reduced to rubble. A single issue remained on the agenda of the Israeli government until the last minute: the fate of some thirty synagogues built in the Gaza Strip settlements during the period of Israeli occupation. The choice was, as far as Israel was concerned, between demolishing the structures, an act which is controversial under Jewish law, and surrendering them to what was expected to be acts of desecration by Palestinians.


The religious affiliation of the Israeli population as of 2022 was 73.6% Jewish, 18.1% Muslim, 1.9% Christian, and 1.6% Druze. The remaining 4.8% included faiths such as Samaritanism and Baháʼí, as well as “religiously unclassified”.


Arab citizens and permanent residents in Israel make up just over 20% of the country’s population. The roughly 2 million people are distinct from Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza – but they are far from a uniform group. Most are Muslims, but there is also a large Christian Arab minority.


Islam is the second-largest religion in Israel, constituting 1.707 million and around 18.1% of the country’s population as of 2022. The ethnic Arab citizens of Israel make up the majority of its Muslim population, making them the largest minority group in Israel.

The majority of Muslims in Israel are Sunni Islamics.  


With an estimated population of almost 1.9 billion followers as of 2020 year estimation, Muslims comprise around 25% of the world’s total population.  While there are several Islamic schools and branches, the two largest denominations are Sunni Islam (75–90% of all Muslims)and Shia Islam (10–20% of all Muslims).By sheer numbers, South Asia accounts for the largest portion (31%) of the global Muslim population.  By country, Indonesia is the largest in the Muslim world, holding around 12% of all Muslims worldwide outside of the Muslim-majority countries, India and China are home to the largest (11%) and second-largest (2%) Muslim populations, respectively. Due to high Muslim population growth, Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world.


According to U.S. officials, the Egyptian government has also been hesitant to allow civilians to exit Gaza through the Rafah gate because of the country’s intense concern over security threats posed by terrorist activities on the Sinai Peninsula.


The only reason why Israel has had less casualties is because Israel protects its citizens, with bomb shelters in every home, they have the Iron Dome that intercepts rockets and at times has had to intercept them daily.  Gaza has fired hundreds of thousands of rockets at Israel during the years.  Why don’t you acknowledge that the Arab countries have always attacked first, be it in 1948, 1967, 1973 etc.  While Palestinian leadership recruit children to commit terrorism, they build their headquarters under schools, nurseries and hospitals amongst civilians, their human shields.  Palestinian leadership digs up the water pipes to make rockets and bombs.  Palestinians commit suicide bombings.  Palestinians still commit “honor” killings of their own daughters and wives stoning them to death if they do not wear their hijab properly, and condone child marriage, the rape of children forcing young girls to populate Gaza for the Islamic Jihad cause.  


The word “genocide” has an actual definition. And it doesn’t include the Palestinian population INCREASING each year, or making up at least 1/5 of the citizens of the country supposedly committing it.  Nor would one expect to find members of that minority amongst the dead in the recent terrorist attack or serving in the army defending that country.


The only side in this conflict that is openly calling for genocide on this land is Hamas. It is literally in their founding charter.


The mission of Hamas, mandated by its charter, is antisemitic, anti-Israel, and anti-Western. In the last quarter-century, the Gaza-based terrorist group has carried out nearly 100 suicide attacks in Israel, murdering approximately 1,000 Israelis.


Hamas has facilitated rocket attacks aiming to murder Israeli civilians as an attempt to rally more Palestinians to join their antisemitic movement, and paint Hamas as the guardian of Palestinian rights.  In addition to being the de facto government of the Gaza Strip, Hamas also purports to be a social service provider, a military movement, and a religious faction. But the four faces of Hamas, or the Islamic Resistance Movement, mask a terrorist organization that seeks to eradicate all Jews.  Founded in 1988 during the First Intifada as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.


After the Jewish people, they will come for Americans.


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