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🔴Suddenly we discovered that Gaza is 41 km long and 6 to 10 km wide… And it is inhabited by 2 million people … it has 36 hospitals .. It means that between hospital and hospital there is only one kilometer distance.
There are Arab countries with 30 million citizens and not so many hospitals.
🔴Suddenly we found out that Gaza was getting water, electricity, gas and fuel for free from Israel.
Of course, there is no Arab citizen who does not pay water, electricity and fuel bills. And if there is anyone who does not pay his house bills, raise his hand? Isn’t it right? We are completing…
🔴Suddenly, we found out that Gaza was reaching 30 million dollars a month from Qatar alone
And 120 million dollars a month from UNROO
And 50 million dollars a month from the European Union
And 30 million dollars a month from America.
And 6 million dollars a month from Japan
Not to mention the money and aid coming from Islamic countries.
There are Arab countries drowning in debt and you can’t find anyone to help them, even with one million dollars.
🔴Suddenly we discovered that Gaza was not under siege and all goods were entering it and foreign nationals were entering it. Its inhabitants traveled to Egypt and from there to the rest of the world.
🔴Suddenly we found out that Gaza was living better than many Arab countries… And its people lived better than many Arab peoples.
All of a sudden… We have discovered that our minds are trapped by a programmed lie… By the English media and headed by Al Jazeera Channel.  facebook.com/hoda.jannat

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