Sorry to see that you would rather visit another site than ours
that we put so much time, research, work and dedication into

We just wanted you to know that all we are asking is that you realize that as agents, it costs nothing extra to use our services.  There is no advantage to going direct.

We respond promptly to emails [email protected] or inquiries at the bottom of every page, you can ask questions, no charge or obligation if our webpage didn’t address your specific situation.and won’t keep you on hold for hours.

Just hit the back button and click OK to see the research and information.

Here’s links to other sites that you are paying (taxes or advertising) for:

Medi-Cal Medicare Covered CA Google 

Here’s 10 reasons to use us, rather than waiting on hold for an impersonal government agency, foreign call center or a huge insurance company.

We only ask that you understand that you can appoint us as your agent, no charge. This is NO OBLIGATION to do that.
We only ask that you understand that you can appoint us as your agent, no charge. This is NO OBLIGATION to do that.
Covered CA endorses FREE agent support
15 Reasons to use Steve Shorr Insurance

5 comments on “Visit other Sites instead?

  1. 1. This website is lacking professionalism and fails to provide value.

    2. Free information earns trust so people will want to use your services – business 101. Simply allowing a website visitor to read about the coverage associated with a particular plan has the potential to earn a customer. For instance, the customer says to themselves, I really like this plan and am grateful to Mr. Shorr for sharing the information. It is indicative of his knowledge and expertise; therefore, I want to use him to assist me. He clearly is a professional. Currently, the message you conveyed to me is… I am hard up and not helpful. Please note: this feedback is intended to be constructive criticism from a marketing professional (MBA in marketing).

    3. Just ask yourself, what HARM is there in providing free information? Could providing free information earn trust? Could free information build brand awareness? Why do you think corporate blogs exist for most companies (i.e. companies who are not using them for tutorials)?

    Good luck to you!

    • 1. How would you know, the qualify of our website, if you didn’t agree to simply say that you were aware that we only get paid if someone appoints us as their agent? We did not mandate that you appoint us as your agent, just that you know you can.

      Does Covered CA let people know they can have an agent at no additional charge. Many people that I’ve helped for an hour on the phone, then say, OK, I’ll go sign up with Covered CA. They think I’m getting a salary from Covered CA, I’m not. Are you with Covered CA now? Did you even know that you could change agents, at no charge?

      Does our website bombard you with non relevant ads? Do we ask for your email address to allow access?

      Please re-read the visitor agreement:

      Please help us out

      We only get compensated for our time, expertise, research effort & persistence when you appoint us as your broker at no additional charge

      We are giving FREE information!

      We also answer questions for Free.

    • I appreciate your mix of gutter, I did have to edit your post, to keep our PG rating and perspicacious language.

      I’m sorry you feel the tone of our website is ingratiating and wheedling in a way that is perceived as insincere or excessive.

      One who knows a big word like smarmy must realize that it costs money and time to maintain a website like this. It’s better than Covered CA’s isn’t it? Better than Medi-Cal’s, right? I don’t have the advertising budget Covered CA does and I get so many of my clients that go direct. My visitor agreement is not that one will appoint me as their agent, just that one understands I only get paid when you appoint me and that there is no additional charge.

      Since you didn’t agree to our visitor agreement and were not able to view the website, I don’t know how you could do an honest evaluation of the website.

      How about cleaning up your language and maybe you could find a better job and then not need tax subsidies, that I pay taxes to provide for those in need.

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