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Steve Shorr Insurance is here to help you get the proper Insurance coverage for your financial protection, needs and budget. 

We've been in the Health & Life Insurance business since 1975 and have tons on educational and practical experience.  There is no extra charge for our services as guaranteed by law. Section 1301 a 1 c (iii) PPACA  *  42 U.S. Code § 18021,   The premiums are the same whether you go direct to an Insurance Company, another agent or hopefully us.  Here's 17 reasons you'll be happy with us as your agent/consultant as we will give you more detail, explanation, no fake news,  references to the actual law, regulation, official brochures and not just guesses or hype off the top of our head.

We provide numerous ways to contact us...  see our menu above, meeting scheduler & contact below, email [email protected]  or the red button at the bottom of your smart phone or lower right if you're on a full screen monitor. 

We are happy to  answer questions from our website visitors at no charge or obligation, when questions are asked on the relevant page of our website.   Check out our unsolicited comments, testimonials from clients and website visitors.

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Guaranteed Issue - No Pre X Clause - Quote & Subsidy Calculation - No charge for our complementary services - If not in CA click here for Nationwide Quotes

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5 comments on “Introduction – Health, Life & Disability – Instant Quotes

  1. Greetings,

    I I have applied for permanent disability and have no more income. I just received medi-cal coverage and not sure what plan to pick. Over the phone they advised to have my Dr. Request straight medical.

    My question is, can I purchase SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE with my new medi-cal coverage?

    I’m concerned that my doctors will not take medi-cal, as I have specialized doctors that I have been seeing for years, and cannot leave them due to my special health care needs.

  2. Do you need of a Spanish-speaking Covered CA Certified Agent or Medicare Agent.


    Mi nombre es Betina Castellon y soy una agente licenciada de California por 20 años y me he especializado en seguros de salud durante los últimos 15 años.

    Es mi pasión ayudar y servir a mi comunidad. Si desea informacion en como inscribirse en un plan medico por medio de CoveredCA o si tiene 65 años o mas y desea inscribirse en un plan de Medicare, por favor comuniquese conmigo al (805) 500-6659 o envieme un correo electronico a [email protected].

    Gracias Mil!

  3. Just a thank you for your information and friendliness. You sent me links and warned
    me of the legalese. Appreciate your kindness. If I can ever return the favor, please let me know.

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