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Guaranteed Issue - No Pre X Clause - Quote & Subsidy Calculation - No charge for our complementary services - If not in CA click here for Nationwide Quotes

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  • How do I #find out the premiums and benefits?
  • How do I know if I qualify for Covered CA subsidies?
  • What is the definition of MAGI Income?
  • It’s not open enrollment and I can’t wait till January 1st to start coverage. Is there a way around that?
  • I don’t understand all the big words – do you have a glossary?
  • What about an Employer Group Plan?
  • How do I set up a time to talk & confer with you and get the real  bona fide information and not just wild guesses or hype  I get when calling others and waiting on terminal hold?
  • How to transfer from your Employer Plan to an Individual Plan?
  • Habla Espanol?  Do you speak Spanish?
    • No, but here’s a top agent who I met at a trade show that does.
    • Hola!   Mi nombre es Betina Castellon y soy una agente licenciada de California por 20 años y me he especializado en seguros de salud durante los últimos 15 años.  Es mi pasión ayudar y servir a mi comunidad. Si desea informacion en como inscribirse en un plan medico por medio de CoveredCA o si tiene 65 años o mas y desea inscribirse en un plan de Medicare, por favor comuniquese conmigo al (805) 500-6659 o envieme un correo electronico a [email protected].    Gracias Mil!
  • Your website is terrific. I imagine you must command a high fee for your guidance and expertise. How much to you charge for a consultation? Ongoing Service?
    • We are paid by the Insurance Companies to help you, so the price is the same.
    • We do have a tutoring and research option for those with say wanting help choosing from their employer plan options.
  • Greetings,I I have applied for permanent disability and have no more income. I just received medi-cal coverage and not sure what plan to pick. Over the phone they advised to have my Dr. Request straight [Fee for Service] medi cal.
    • My question is, can I purchase SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE with my new medi-cal coverage?
    • I’m concerned that my doctors will not take medi-cal, as I have specialized doctors that I have been seeing for years, and cannot leave them due to my special health care needs.
  • See our webpage on Medi Cal & Dual Coverage.
    • Here’s everything we know about selecting which Medi-Cal plan you want. We do not get a nickel in compensation for helping people with Medi Cal.
    • Read down and there is some information on getting an exemption from enrolling in an HMO Medi Cal. There is a form, when you follow the links for you and your doctor to fill out.
    • You can purchase insurance directly from an Insurance Company – but there won’t be any tax subsidies, as you are qualified for Medi Cal.
    • Get quotes here.
    • If you have more questions… Please post on the relevant webpage.
  • Just a thank you for your information and friendliness. You sent me links and warned
    me of the legalese. Appreciate your kindness. If I can ever return the favor, please let me know.


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